what is zerm?


This is zerm, a minimalist theme for Zola based1 off of panr's theme for Hugo.

While it's largely faithful to the original, there are some changes:

  • no prism.js integration, instead we use Zola's syntax highlighting to reduce overhead.
  • removal of PostCSS and leveraging Zola's use of Sass for simple styling.
    • much thanks to Paweł Romanowski's independent fork of Terminal. Their Sass stylings saved me the overhead of figuring it out myself.
  • no preview images. I want a theme that is focused on content.
  • support for anchor links.
  • Other small, opinionated changes that I think lend to the minimalism and aesthetic of zerm.

Things this theme does not have but either Terminal or Terminimal might:

  • better short-codes for things like embedding videos or images, though I will work on this over time.
  • better support for things like comments and social media. As of now, I have no plans to add this but PR's are always welcomed.

A quick demo§

println!("inline code");

fn main(n: String) {
    println!("hello, zola!");

Header III§

a somewhat kinda maybe large quote that maybe spans more than one line but I mean really who even cares okay maybe I do but point being is yes nice.

Header IV§

wowmuch loveyes

Like zerm? Then install Zola and get started!


fork? port? a little bit of the former, more of the latter?