Here's a general demo of Zola and how things look with zerm.

Header I§

Inline code: println!("Wu Tang!");

Zola has built in syntax highlighting. If there's not a theme you like, you can easily add more.

zerm uses Fira Code fonts, which means we get ligatures in addition to Zola's powerful syntax highlighting ✨.

fn foo(arg: String) -> Result<u32, Io::Error> {
    println!("Nice!"); // TODO: the thingy
    if 1 != 0 {
        println!("How many ligatures can I contrive??");
        println!("Turns out a lot! ==> -/-> <!-- <$> >>=");

Header II§

Want block quotes? We got block quotes.

Remember the wise words of Ras Kass:

In Hotel Rwanda, reminder to honor these street scholars who ask why U.S. Defense is twenty percent of the tax dollar. Bush gave 6.46 billion to Halliburton for troops support efforts in Iraq; meanwhile, the hood is hurting, please believe that.

-- "Verses", Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture

Header III§

membersagenotable albumto be messed with?
GZA52Liquid Swordsno
ODB35Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Versionabsolutely not
Raekwon Da Chef49Only Built 4 Cuban Linx..."no" that's spanish for "no"
Ghostface Killah49Fishscalei swear you keep asking that question and the answer ain't gonna change
Inspectah Deck49CZARFACEprotect ya neck, boy

Header IV§

Here's a video of my rabbit, Smalls, loaf'n to lofi beats: